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3 Essential Essay Writing Steps

Most eBooks, articles, and web-based resources will tell you that the essay writing steps to follow include choosing a topic or subject, structuring the essay, backing up your ideas and concluding in a captivating. While this is true, there is still plenty more you need to know to write a classic essay.

The tips highlighted in this article are aimed at helping those with astounding levels of writer's block to get going with the essay.

Let’s have a look at 3 essential steps to writing an essay

1.Don’t settle on a topic until you are sure there is adequate information about it
An essay needs to validate an idea, and as such, you need plenty of information from other scholars to prove your point. You cannot say something is correct using your own ideas; even though may be right, you need to show other people share your sentiments. So before you begin noting down some snippets for your essay, make sure there is a lot about the topic.

2. Don’t go hunting for info when you don’t know what question you’ll be answering
When you have a topic, check if it’s generic or specific. Let’s review two topics here;
Maslow and learning principles
How Maslow improved learning principles
As you can see, the first topic is more of a meander while the second one is unidirectional. General topics will throw you left, right and center making you project quite unsubstantial. Stick to specific topics that address a solvable issue.

3.Write the way you talk
An essay can prove to be simple if you approach it in a simple way. Write something down and read it. If it’s clear in your ear, then it will read well on the paper. Just keep the sentences complete and don’t use slang language. Observe all the language/grammar rules.

I know everything is not as easy as this guide puts it so I’ll add an alternative for those who can’t write fluent English or those who (for some reasons) can’t write their assignments at all. This additional option is going for essay writing help.

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To recap, remember:
-Don’t settle on a topic with less info
-Make sure your topic is specific
-Write the way you talk, but with no slang